Canes Catering Menu Prices

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September 10, 2020 by Admin

Canes Catering Prices – Full Menu.

The catering menu prices are updated for 2020.
Not all locations offer catering, and prices and item availability may vary from location to location.

Canes Catering Menu Prices – Updated

Menu ItemPrice
The Box Combo (4 Chicken Fingers, Fries, Coleslaw, Cane’s Sauce, Texas Toast & Regular Drink – 22 oz.)$6.98
The 3 Finger Combo (3 Chicken Fingers, Fries, Cane’s Sauce, Texas Toast & Regular Drink – 22 oz.)$6.38
The Caniac Combo (6 Chicken Fingers, Fries, Coleslaw, 2 Cane’s Sauces, Texas Toast & Large Drink – 32 oz.)$9.98
The Sandwich Combo (3 Chicken Fingers, Cane’s Sauce, Lettuce, Kaiser Roll, Fries & Regular Drink – 22 oz.)$5.98
The Kids Combo (2 Chicken Fingers, Fries, Cane’s Sauce, Kid’s Drink – 12 oz. & Activity)$4.58
Chicken Finger$1.09
Cane’s Sauce$0.29
Crinkle-Cut Fries$1.49
Texas Toast$0.69
Fountain Drink Kids (12 oz.)$0.99
Fountain Drink Regular (22 oz.)$1.59
Fountain Drink Large (32 oz.)$1.79
Sweet / Unsweet Tea Kids (12 oz.)$0.99
Sweet / Unsweet Tea Regular (22 oz.)$1.59
Sweet / Unsweet Tea Large (32 oz.)$1.79
Sweet / Unsweet Tea 1 Gallon$4.99
Lemonade Kids (12 oz.)$0.99
Lemonade Regular (22 oz.)$1.84
Lemonade Large (32 oz.)$2.09
Lemonade 1 Gallon$8.99
Included Cane’s Sauce
Chicken Fingers (25 Pc.)$27.49
Chicken Fingers (50 Pc.)$48.99
Chicken Fingers (75 Pc.)$69.99
Chicken Fingers (100 Pc.)$89.99
Each Additional Chicken Fingers (100 Pc.)$84.99
Logo Hats/Visors$9.99
Short Sleeve T-Shirts$9.99
Long Sleeve T-Shirts$11.99

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The catering prices listed are the national averages, and are a guideline only.

We advise that you call your local restaurant/outlet for all catering inquiries. Some locations do not offer catering, while others require a 24 hour notice.

Canes Catering Menu Prices 2018-2019

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mittie lawson
mittie lawson
1 year ago

I wish you were open later on Fridays and Saturdays. Otherwise, great place.