Gigis Cupcakes Menu Prices

Gigis Cupcakes Menu Prices

The menu prices are updated for 2024.
Please be aware, that prices and availability of menu items can vary from location to location.

Gigis Cupcakes Menu Prices – Updated



Birthday Surprise $3.25
Candy Bar Crunch $3.25
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough $3.25
Cotton Candy $3.25
Double Stuff $3.25
Kentucky Bourbon $3.25
Merry Margarita $3.25
Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip $3.25
Miss Princess $3.25
Scarlett’s Red Velvet $3.25
Triple Chocolate Torte $3.25
Wedding Cake $3.25
White Midnight Magic $3.25

Gigi’s Cheesecakes

Chocolate Chocolate Chip $3.95
Classic $3.95
Key Lime Summer Only! $3.95
Turtle $3.95

Gigi’s Stuffed Cookies

Chocolate Chip $3.95
Oatmeal $3.95
Peanut Butter $3.95
Snickerdoodle $3.95

Gluten Free Cupcakes

Birthday Surprise $3.25
Candy Bar Crunch $3.25
White Hot Chocolate $3.25

Mini Cupcakes

Summer Mini Dozen $18.00
Assorted All Chocolate Cake Dozen $18.00
Assorted All White Cake Dozen $18.00
Assorted Variety Dozen $18.00

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