Pollo Tropical Catering Menu Prices

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Pollo Tropical Catering Prices – Full Menu.

The catering menu prices are updated for 2020.
Not all locations offer catering, and prices and item availability may vary from location to location.

Pollo Tropical Catering Menu Prices – Updated

Menu ItemPrice
Catering Entree Only
Whole Chicken (Minimum 7)$9.94
Roast Pork (4lbs)$38.00
Caribbean Ribs (Minimum 6)$9.00
Catering Party Platters
25 Grilled Tropical Wings$19.00
50 Grilled Tropical Wings$35.00
20 Island Wraps$63.00
20 Sandwich Platter$65.00
Catering Sides (Small feeds 15 and Medium feeds 25 people)
White Rice (Small)$10.00
White Rice (Medium)$16.00
Brown Rice (Small)$11.00
Brown Rice (Medium)$16.00
Yellow Rice (Small)$14.00
Yellow Rice (Medium)$24.00
Black Beans (Small)$13.00
Black Beans (Medium)$20.00
Kernel Corn (Small)$19.00
Kernel Corn (Medium)$28.00
Mashed Potato & Gravy (Small)$25.00
Mashed Potato & Gravy (Medium)$37.00
Mac & Cheese (Small)$25.00
Mac & Cheese (Medium)$37.00
Balsamic Tomato (Small)$21.00
Balsamic Tomato (Medium)$32.00
Sweet Plantains (Small)$24.00
Sweet Plantains (Medium)$36.00
Caesar Salad (Small)$22.00
Caesar Salad (Medium)$33.00
House Salad (Small)$22.00
House Salad (Medium)$33.00
Boiled Yuca (Small)$19.00
Boiled Yuca (Medium)$27.00
Caribbean Corn Souffle (Small)$24.00
Caribbean Corn Souffle (Medium)$35.00
Green Beans (Small)$21.00
Green Beans (Medium)$28.00
Bread Rolls By The Dozen$2.50
Bottle Of Hot Sauce$1.99
Catering Sauces
BBQ Sauce$0.00
Garlic Cilantro Sauce$0.00
Curry Mustard Sauce$0.00
Guava BBQ Sauce$0.00
Pineapple Rum Sauce$0.00
Fresh Salsa Sauce$0.00
Spicy Poyo Sauce$0.00
Catering Desserts
Guava Cheesecake (8)$16.00
Guava Bars (15)$15.00
Catering Drinks
Gallon Sweet Tea$4.99
Gallon Tea Unsweetened$4.99
Gallon Mango Sweet$4.99
Gallon Lemonade$4.99
Gallon Fruit Punch$4.99
Gallon Lemonade$4.99
Gallon Fruit Punch$4.99
Gallon Powerade$4.99

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The catering prices listed are the national averages, and are a guideline only.

We advise that you call your local restaurant/outlet for all catering inquiries. Some locations do not offer catering, while others require a 24 hour notice.

Pollo Tropical Catering Menu Prices 2018-2019

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Maggie Curry

Im wondering if you are open in the Christmas holidays, like between Christmas and New Years eve?