Romano’s Macaroni Grill Menu Prices

Romano’s Macaroni Grill Menu Prices

The menu prices are updated for 2024.
Please be aware, that prices and availability of menu items can vary from location to location.

Romano’s Macaroni Grill Menu Prices – Updated

Romano’s Macaroni Grill Menu  
Bruschetta $
grilled ciabatta bread, whipped ricotta, roma tomatoes, garlic, basil
Spicy Ricotta Meatballs $
beef, veal & ricotta meatball, caramelized onions, red chile
Calamari Fritti $
crisp-fried, calabrian peppers pesto, citrus black pepper aioli
Stuffed Mushrooms $
italian sausage, goat cheese, spinach, toasted breadcrumbs
Portobello Fries $
parmesan-breaded portobello wedges, citrus black pepper aioli, house-made ketchup
Mac & Cheese Bites $
toasted four cheese pasta, truffle dip
Baked Prosciutto & Mozzarella $
prosciutto wrapped fresh mozzarella, arrabbiata, basil
Goat Cheese Peppadew Peppers $
toasted breadcrumbs, honey balsamic glaze
Crispy Fresh Mozzarella $
parmesan breaded mozzarella, arrabbiata
Loaded Fries $
french fries, crispy prosciutto, parmesan, mozzarella cheese sauce, gorgonzola, calabrese peppers
Caprese $
vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil
Parmesan-Crusted Chicken $
fresh greens, prosciutto, parmesan ranch, balsamic glaze
Bibb & Bleu $
bibb leaves, gorgonzola, crispy prosciutto, walnuts, pickled red onions, buttermilk dressing (add chicken or shrimp)
Caesar $
fresh romaine, imported romano, creamy caesar (add chicken or shrimp)
Chicken Florentine $
roasted chicken, chopped spinach, orzo pasta, tomatoes, capers, olives, pine nuts, lemon vinaigrette
Steak & Greens $
5 oz. sliced sirloin, balsamic herb dressing, baby kale, spinach, radicchio, arugula, crispy prosciutto, gorgonzola, crispy onions
Add Fresh Greens or Caesar, or Bibb & Bleu
Chicken Under a Brick $
roasted half chicken, seasonal vegetables, roasted parmesan potatoes
Pollo Caprese $
grilled chicken breast, capellini pomodoro
Chicken Scaloppine $
artichokes, mushrooms, capers, prosciutto, lemon butter, capellini
Chicken Marsala $
cremini mushrooms, marsala wine sauce, roasted garlic, capellini
We’ve perfected the classics and invented some new ones along the way. Add Fresh Greens or Caesar, or Bibb & Bleu
Chicken Parmesan $
capellini pomodoro, mozzarella
Blackened Chicken Parmesan $
blackened chicken breast, mozzarella, spinach & garlic olive oil cappellini
Eggplant Parmesan $
capellini pomodoro, mozzarella
Buffalo Chicken Parmesan $
milanese style chicken, mozzarella, buffalo sauce, calabrian peppers, celery, gorgonzola cream cappellini
Add Fresh Greens or Caesar, or Bibb & Bleu
Cremini Pork Shank $
over a pound of pork shank, marsala wine sauce, caramelized onions, mushrooms, roasted parmesan potatoes
Fig Marsala Pork Chop $
grilled bone-in pork chop, marsala wine sauce, fig jam, fresh rosemary, roasted parmesan potatoes, seasonal vegetables
Veal Valdostana $
pan-seared veal chop, prosciutto, mozzarella, marsala wine sauce, roasted parmesan potatoes, seasonal vegetables
Rosemary Ribeye $
grilled 12 oz. ribeye, house-made rosemary compound butter, roasted parmesan potatoes, seasonal vegetables
Grilled Lamb Chops $
grilled lamb chops, mustard cream sauce, fresh rosemary, roasted parmesan potatoes, seasonal vegetables
Add Fresh Greens or Caesar, or Bibb & Bleu
Classic Italian Bake $
house made meatballs, italian sausage, rustic tomato sauce, rigatoni, roasted tomatoes, creamy ricotta, basil
Mama’s Trio $
chicken parmesan, lasagna bolognese, & fettuccine alfredo
Penne Rustica $
roasted chicken, shrimp, rosemary cream, prosciutto, parmesan
Mushroom Ravioli $
porcini-stuffed fresh pasta, caramelized onions, marsala cream sauce
Create Your Own Pasta
choice of pasta, sauce, accompaniments click camera for choices
Cannelloni Bolognese $
ricotta, spinach, asiago cream, bolognese sauce
Lasagna Bolognese $
bolognese sauce, italian sausage, ricotta, grana padano, pomodoro sauce
Fettuccine Alfredo $
parmesan, butter, cream (add chicken or shrimp)
Mom’s Ricotta Meatballs & Spaghetti $
beef, veal & ricotta meatballs, imported romano, crushed red chile (pomodoro or bolognese sauce)
Carmela’s Chicken $
roasted chicken, rigatoni, caramelized onions, mushrooms, marsala cream
Pasta Milano $
roasted chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic cream
Butternut Asiago Tortellaci $
four cheese stuffed tortellacci, asiago cream, butternut squash, prosciutto, parmesan
Add Fresh Greens or Caesar, or Bibb & Bleu
Lobster Ravioli $
lobster-stuffed, chardonnay cream sauce
Parmesan-Crusted Sole $
pan-seared, lemon butter, capers, sun-dried tomato orzo
Shrimp Scampi $
sautéed garlic jumbo shrimp, capellini, house-made rosemary compound butter, grape tomatoes
Shrimp Portofino $
jumbo shrimp, capellini, spinach, mushrooms, garlic, pine nuts, lemon butter
Grilled Salmon $
atlantic fillet, mediterranean-spiced vinaigrette, sun-dried tomato orzo, lemon
Pasta di Mare $
scallops, mussels, shrimp, fettuccine, white wine, pomodoro, garlic
Made with doppio zero (“00”) flour, the gold standard of pizza dough flour, our artisan pizza has a thick crust and hearty toppings. Baked to perfection in our brick oven. Add Fresh Greens or Caesar, or Bibb & Bleu
Cheese $
fresh mozzarella, fonduta, parmesan
Margherita $
bruschetta tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, basil
Pepperoni $
pepperoni, fresh mozzarella
Farmhouse $
butcher-chopped bacon, prosciutto, and pepperoni, sautéed spinach, fresh mozzarella, fonduta, parmesan
More satisfying than your typical salad with fresh ingredients and italian flavors.
Pronto Caesar $
fresh romaine, imported romano, crispy garlic croutons (add parmesan crusted chicken or parmesan crusted salmon bites)
Chicken Milanese Panzanella $
lightly breaded chicken, roma and yellow grape tomatoes, arugula, pickled onions, olives, parmesan, mediterranean vinaigrette
Flavorful italian style sandwiches served warm on fresh ciabatta.
Prosciutto Grilled Cheese $
lightly smoked prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, four cheese fonduta, ciabatta
Caprese $
fresh mozzarella, tomato, arugula, basil pesto, mediterranean vinaigrette, ciabatta
Italian Pulled Pork $
roasted pulled pork, italian slaw, calabrian chili pesto, balsamic glaze, ciabatta
Chicken Parmesan $
parmesan chicken, mozzarella, imported pomodorina, fresh basil, ciabatta
Handheld pockets stuffed with italian flavors then baked in our brick oven.
Chicken Caesar $
grilled chicken, tomatoes, spinach, oregano, parmesan, mozzarella, caesar dressing
Pepperoni $
artisan pepperoni, mozzarella, parmesan, provolone
Fresh and imported pastas combined with traditional italian ingredients. (add grilled chicken, italian sausage, or shrimp)
Spaghetti Bolognese $
mediterranean herbs, parmesan, bolognese, imported pomodorina, spaghetti
Sausage Rigatoni $
italian sausage, mushrooms, romano, creamy alfredo, rigatoni
Baked Ravioli $
basil, mozzarella, parmesan, imported pomodorina, cheese ravioli
Spaghetti Verdi $
spinach, romano, parmesan, creamy pesto, spaghetti
Complete your meal with one of these house favorites.
Tiramisu $
mascarpone, lady fingers, espresso, rum, cocoa
Side Salad $
fresh greens or caesar
Rosemary Peasant Bread $
baked fresh daily, served with seasoned olive oil
Kettle Chips $
sea salt or barbeque
Chocolate Chip Cookie $
baked fresh daily
Twists on Italian classics only found at Romano’s
Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti $
breaded chicken, buffalo butter, gorgonzola cream sauce, spaghetti
Brisket Folded Ravioli $
beef brisket, rustic tomato sauce, whipped ricotta
Imported pastas combined with traditional Italian ingredients
Pesto Chicken Farfalle $
roasted chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto cream sauce, bow tie
Pork Napoletana $
neapolitan pork ragu, whipped ricotta, fettuccine
Seasonal Pasta $
fresh seasonal vegetables, ask for details about today’s selection
Proscuitto & Chicken Penne $
grilled chicken, proscuitto, vodka cream sauce, penne
Brisket Rigatoni $
beef brisket, marsala and bolognese truffle cream sauce, rigatoni
Pork Belly & Chicken Carbonara $
grilled chicken, pork belly, creamy carbonara, spaghetti
Indulgent dinner portions of classic Italian flavors
Chicken Milanese Panzanella $
lightly breaded chicken, roma & yellow grape tomatoes, arugula, pickled onions, parmesan, mediterranean vinaigrette, crispy parmesan potatoes
Diavola Scaloppine $
scaloppine chicken, spicy tomato sauce, four cheese ravioli
Start off with Romano’s favorite bites. All appetizers are regular menu price.
Spicy Ricotta Meatballs $
beef & veal, creamy ricotta, caramelized onions, tomato sauce, red pepper, parmesan, orange & lemon zest
Bruschetta $
crostini, tomato, basil, creamy ricotta

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