Safeway Catering Menu Prices

September 22, 2023 by Admin

Safeway Catering Prices – Full Menu.

The catering menu prices are updated for 2023.
Not all locations offer catering, and prices and item availability may vary from location to location.

Safeway Catering Menu Prices – Updated

Menu ItemPrice
Birthday & Anniversaries | Bridal Showers & Weddings | Graduations & Memorials
Bocconcini and Tomato (serves 6-19)$24.99
Condiment Combo (serves 10-12)$21.99
Fresh Fruit Platter Small (serves 10-14)$24.99
Fresh Fruit Platter Medium (serves 18-24)$39.99
Fresh Fruit Platter Large (serves 28-40)$52.99
Fruit and Fine Cheeses Medium (serves 8-10)$49.99
Fruit and Fine Cheeses Large (serves 12-14)$69.99
Hummus & Garden Veggies Medium (serves 10-16)$29.99
Hummus & Garden Veggies Large (serves 18-24)$46.99
Italiano Delights Medium (serves 8-10)$69.99
Italiano Delights Large (serves 12-14)$89.99
Love Those Veggies Small (serves 8-12)$24.99
Love Those Veggies Medium (serves 16-20)$39.99
Love Those Veggies Large (serves 28-34)$59.99
Maki Platters Small (serves 4)$21.99
Maki Platters Medium (serves 8-10)$32.99
Maki Platters Large (serves 12-14)$43.99
Sushi Platter Medium (serves 6-8)$39.99
Sushi Platter Large (serves 10-12)$49.99
Mediterranean Medley Medium (serves 6-8)$49.99
Mediterranean Medley Large (serves 10-12)$69.99
Cheese & Fruit Nibbler Small (serves 8-10)$39.99
Cheese & Fruit Nibbler Medium (serves 12-14)$49.99
Cheese & Fruit Nibbler Large (serves 16-22)$69.99
Chicken Snack Pack Small (serves 6-8)$34.99
Chicken Snack Pack Medium (serves 10-16)$49.99
Chicken Snack Pack Large (serves 18-24)$59.99
Spinach Dip Platter Large (serves 12-14)$16.99
Taste of Italy (Antipasto) Small (serves 8-10$54.99
Taste of Italy (Antipasto) Medium (serves 14-18)$69.99
Taste of Italy (Antipasto) Large (serves 25-30)$89.99
All Star Combo – build your own tray. (serves 24-36)$99.99
Deli Party Platter Small (serves 6-8)$34.99
Deli Party Platter Medium (serves 12-16)$59.99
Deli Party Platter Large (serves 18-24)$79.99
Gourmet Cubed Cheese Small (serves 8-10)$39.99
Gourmet Cubed Cheese Medium (serves 14-18)$59.99
Gourmet Cubed Cheese Large (serves 25-30)$74.99
Gourmet Sliced Cheese Small (serves 8-12)$44.99
Gourmet Sliced Cheese Medium (serves 14-18)$61.99
Gourmet Sliced Cheese Large (serves 25-40)$83.99
Hearty All Meat (shaved or folded) Small (serves 10-12)$49.99
Hearty All Meat (shaved or folded) Medium (serves 14-18)$59.99
Hearty All Meat (shaved or folded) Large (serves 20-25)$76.99
Salami Snacker (serves 18-24)$64.99
All Rolled Up (Lavosh) Medium (serves 6-10)$44.99
All Rolled Up (Lavosh) Large (serves 9-12)$54.99
Classic Tea Sandwich Small (serves 6-8)$30.99
Classic Tea Sandwich Medium (serves 10-12)$38.99
Classic Tea Sandwich Large (serves 16-20)$46.99
Tray made with Gluten Free ingred. Small (serves 6-8)$34.99
Hoagies and Heroes Medium (serves 8-12)$34.99
Hoagies and Heroes Large (serves 12-16)$44.99
Kids Celebration Small (serves 6-8)$24.99
Kids Celebration Medium (serves 8-12)$34.99
Le Petit Croissant Sandwiches Small (serves 8-10)$36.99
Le Petit Croissant Sandwiches Medium (serves 14-16)$56.99
Le Petit Croissant Sandwiches Large (serves 18-20)$74.99
Pita Pocket Pleaser Medium (serves 8-12)$34.99
Pita Pocket Pleaser Large (serves 12-16)$44.99
Signature Sandwich Medium (serves 5-8)$44.99
Signature Sandwich Large (serves 7-10)$59.99
Signature Vegetarian Medium (serves 5-8)$44.99
Signature Vegetarian Large (serves 7-10)$59.99
Super Sub Party Pack (serves 9-15)$36.99
16″ Gourmet Roll Platter (serves 15)$9.99
Artisan Roll Platter (serves 25)$4.99
Dessert Platter Small (serves 20)$12.99
Dessert Platter Medium (serves 30)$18.99
Dessert Platter Large (serves 50)$29.99
Pastry Platter (serves 13)$19.99
16″ Cookie Platter (serves 69)$14.99
16″ Gourmet Jumbo Cookie Platter (serves 30)$19.99
1/2 Sheet Value Cakes (serves 30-36)$21.99
Cupcake Cakes (serves 24-36)$17.99
Celebration Cakes$12.99
Custom Cakes$29.99
Black Forest 1/2 Sheet Cake$29.99
Bistro Cakes$12.99
Team Celebrations$22.99
Mothers Day$19.99
Starbucks Coffee Traveler (serves 12)$15.00
Dozen Roses Wrapped$25.99
Unforgettable Romantic Rose Arrang.$64.99/each
Graceful Beauty$9.99/each
Mixed Cuts Arranged in a Vase$40.00
Mixed Cuts Wrapped$30.00
Premium Long Stem Roses$17.99
Beautiful Floral Arrangements$40.00
Unforgettable Rose Arrangement$31.99
Pretty Posie$22.99
Radiance Arrangement$62.99
Beautiful Orchids$29.99

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The catering prices listed are the national averages, and are a guideline only.

We advise that you call your local restaurant/outlet for all catering inquiries. Some locations do not offer catering, while others require a 24 hour notice.

Safeway Catering Menu Prices 2022-2023.

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