Schlotzsky’s Catering Menu Prices

September 25, 2023 by Admin

Schlotzsky’s Catering Prices – Full Menu.

The catering menu prices are updated for 2023.
Not all locations offer catering, and prices and item availability may vary from location to location.

Schlotzsky’s Catering Menu Prices – Updated

Menu ItemPrice
Lotz Better Bundles
Oven-Baked Sandwich Meal (min 10)$8.99
Cafe Sandwich Meal (min 10)$9.99
Oven-Baked Mac Meal (min 10)$9.99
Oven-Baked Sandwich Box Lunch
The Original Sandwich (small)$8.29
The Original Sandwich (medium)$9.29
Ham & Cheese Original Style Sandwich (small)$8.29
Ham & Cheese Original Style Sandwich (medium)$9.29
Turkey Original Style Sandwich (small)$8.29
Turkey Original Style Sandwich (medium)$9.29
Angus Roast Beef & Cheese Sandwich (small)$8.29
Angus Roast Beef & Cheese Sandwich (medium)$9.29
Fiesta Chicken Sandwich (small)$8.29
Fiesta Chicken Sandwich (medium)$9.29
Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich (small)$8.29
Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich (medium)$9.29
Turkey Bacon Club Sandwich (small)$8.29
Turkey Bacon Club Sandwich (medium)$9.29
Fresh Veggie Sandwich (small)$8.29
Fresh Veggie Sandwich (medium)$9.29
Assorted Box Lunch (small)$8.29
Assorted Box Lunch (medium)$9.29
Ciabatta Cafe Sandwich Box Lunch
Basil Chicken Cafe Sandwich$9.99
Italian Deli Cafe Sandwich$9.99
Sonoma Turkey Cafe Sandwich$9.99
Roast Beef and Peppers Cafe Sandwich$9.99
Caprese Cafe Sandwich (Vegetarian)$9.99
Salad Box Lunch
Cranberry, Apple, Pecan & Chicken Salad Lunch$8.99
Deluxe Cranberry, Apple, Pecan & Chicken Salad Lunch$9.99
Hearts of Romaine Chicken Caesar Salad Lunch$8.99
Deluxe Hearts of Romaine Chicken Caesar Salad Lunch$9.99
Southwestern Chicken Salad Lunch$8.99
Deluxe Southwestern Chicken Salad Lunch$9.99
Turkey Avocado Cobb Salad Lunch$8.99
Deluxe Turkey Avocado Cobb Salad Lunch$9.99
Garden Salad Lunch$5.99
Deluxe Garden Salad Lunch$6.99
Baby Kale Salad Lunch$8.99
Deluxe Baby Kale Salad Lunch$9.99
Pizza Box Lunch
Fresh Veggie Pizza$7.49
Pepperoni & Double Cheese Pizza$7.49
BBQ Chicken & Jalapeno Pizza$7.49
Combination Special Pizza$7.49
Smoked Turkey & Jalapeno Pizza$7.49
Double Cheese Pizza$7.49
Flatbread Box Lunch
California Chicken Avocado Flatbread$7.99
Chicken Chipotle Pesto$7.99
Add chips for only$1.19
Spicy Chicken Flatbread$7.99
Caprese Flatbread$7.99
Wrap Box Lunch
Cranberry, Apple, Pecan & Chicken Wrap$8.99
Southwestern Chicken Salad Wrap$8.99
Turkey Avocado Cobb Wrap$8.99
Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap$8.99
Party Trays Oven-Baked Sandwich Trays
Sandwich Tray – Medium (serves 9-14)$52.99
Sandwich Tray – Large (serves 15-22)$84.99
NEW – Cafe Sandwich Tray – Medium (serves 9-14)$69.99
NEW – Cafe Sandwich Tray – Large$99.99
NEW – Fresh Salad Wrap Tray – Medium (serves 10-15)$42.99
NEW – Fresh Salad Wrap Tray – Large (serves 15-22)$74.99
Specialty Sandwich Tray – Medium$69.99
Specialty Sandwich Tray – Large$99.99
Party-Sized Salad & Soup
Cranberry, Apple, Pecan & Chicken Salad (serves 6-8)$37.99
Turkey Avocado Cobb Salad (serves 6-8)$37.99
Hearts of Romaine Chicken Caesar (serves 6-8)$37.99
Garden Salad (serves 6-8)$25.99
Southwestern Chicken Salad (serves 6-8)$37.99
Kale Grilled Chicken Salad (serves 6-8)$37.99
Bowl of Soup$4.49
Quart of Soup$9.99
Regular Chips$1.39
BBQ Chips$1.39
Sour Cream & Onion Chips$1.39
Cracked Pepper Chips$1.39
Salt & Vinegar Chips$1.39
Baked Chips$1.39
Jalapeno Chips$1.39
Assorted Chips$1.39
Bottle of Schlotzsky’s Hot Sauce$1.99
Add Side Garden Salad$2.00
Dessert Trays
Cookie Tray-Small (24 cookies)$16.29
Cookie Tray-Medium (36 cookies)$22.99
Cookie Tray-Large (48 cookies)$29.49
Deluxe Dessert Tray-Small (10 cookies and 6 brownies)$19.99
Deluxe Dessert Tray-Large (20 cookies and 8 brownies)$29.99
Brownies (each)$1.99
Brownies (dozen)$19.99
Cookies (3-pack)$1.29
Cookies (dozen)$4.99
Big S Cookie$1.99
Individual Classic Cinnabon$3.49
Classic Cinnabon 4 Pack$11.99
Classic Cinnabon 6 Pack$14.99
Individual Caramel Pecanbon$3.99
Caramel Pecanbon 4 Pack$13.99
Caramel Pecanbon 6 Pack$18.99
Individual Minibon$2.29
Minibon 6 Pack$9.99
Individual Mini Pecanbon$2.79
Mini Pecanbon 6 Pack$11.99
Center of the Roll-Cinnabon$2.59
Center of the Roll-Pecanbon$2.99
Combo 4 Pack (Includes 2 Classic Cinnabon and 2 Caramel Pecanbon rolls)$12.99
Combo 6 Pack (Includes a combination of Caramel Pecanbon and Classic Cinnabon rolls)$16.99
Classic Cinnabon Pan (6 rolls)$17.99
Pecanbon Pan (6 rolls)$21.99
MiniBon Pan (15 minibons)$18.99
Mini Pecanbon Pan (15 minibons)$26.99
Schlotzsky’s 12oz bottled water – dozen$12.99
Schlotzsky’s Bottled Water (T)$1.49
Iced Tea (serves 8-12)$11.79
Sweet Tea (serves 8-12)$11.79
Raspberry Sweet Tea (serves 8-12)$11.79
Lemonade (serves 8-12)$11.79
Raspberry Lemonade (serves 8-12)$11.79
Coke 12 oz Can$1.49
Diet Coke 12 oz Can$1.49
Sprite 12 oz Can$1.49
Fuze Peach Mango$2.49
Fuze Slenderize Tropical Punch$2.49
Fuze Slenderize Strawberry Melon$2.49
Powerade Mountain Berry$2.49
Green Monster Energy Drink$2.59
Monster Energy Drink Zero Ultra$2.59
Monster Rehab Energy Drink$2.59
Chocolate Milk$1.29
Orange Juice$2.49
Apple Juice$1.99
Vitamin Water Power 0$2.29
Vitamin Water Power C$2.29

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We advise that you call your local restaurant/outlet for all catering inquiries. Some locations do not offer catering, while others require a 24 hour notice.

Schlotzsky’s Catering Menu Prices 2022-2023.

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