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September 8, 2020 by Admin

Shoprite Catering Prices – Full Menu.

The catering menu prices are updated for 2020.
Not all locations offer catering, and prices and item availability may vary from location to location.

Shoprite Catering Menu Prices – Updated

Menu ItemPrice
Party Starters
Asian Dumplings and Spring Rolls$32.99
Chicken Tenders$0.00
Chicken Wings$34.99
Crowd Pleaser$42.99
Deviled Eggs$19.99
Mezze Platter$39.99
Mozzarella Tomato Shooters$25.99
Poseidon’s DelightMarket Price
Shrimp and Crab Claws$89.95
Shrimp PlatterMarket Price
Spinach Dip Bread Bowl$15.99
Stuffed Breads$29.99
SushiMarket Price
Tex-Mex Layer Dip$18.99
Tuscan Antipasto$45.99
Vegetable Platter$32.99
Breakast & Brunch
Baked Oatmeal$54.99
Breads & RollsMarket Price
Breakfast Casserole$34.99
Fruit Salad$26.99
Health Bowl$36.99
Sliced Fruit Platter$34.99
Smoked Fish DisplayMarket Price
Smoked Salmon Display$39.99
The Main Event
BrisketMaket Price
Crown Pork RoastMaket Price
Organic BeefMaket Price
Prime RibMaket Price
Rack of LambMaket Price
Whole TurkeyMaket Price
Midday Meals
Beef Tenderloin Sandwiches$134.99
Chicken Italiano$39.99
Club House Sandwich Platter$39.99
Finger or Croissant SandwichesMaket Price
Fixin’s Platter$8.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwiches$65.99
Hoagies Your choice, anyMaket Price
Sloppy Joes$45.99

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The catering prices listed are the national averages, and are a guideline only.

We advise that you call your local restaurant/outlet for all catering inquiries. Some locations do not offer catering, while others require a 24 hour notice.

Shoprite Catering Menu Prices 2018-2019

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1 year ago

Love the dinner menu. Had a great time eating here, thank you.

isabel o
isabel o
1 year ago

I wish you were open later on Fridays and Saturdays. Otherwise, great place.